Scott Markovich, 33rd Assembly District

Plan on Brighter Days, vote for Scott Markovich, 33rd Assembly District

To view Scott Markovich addressing the issues facing the 33rd Assembly District visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc5LjFA-7fw&feature=youtu.be

We are independent, determined and freedom-loving individuals in the 33rd District that’s why we live here in the desert and the mountains under starry skies with room and fresh air to breathe.

I envision a 33rd district with that and more, jobs, education and infrastructure supporting and enhancing our lives and I would be privileged to represent you in Sacramento to make that happen.

Long ago we declared; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as our right in America.

If elected I would support, foster and push legislation ensuring fair and equitable representation for desert and mountain residents by increasing the number of our board of supervisors to seven.  I would push for equitable transportation cost reimbursement for rural school districts.

I see Tapestry Project as unsustainable.  Water is essential for life and our water needs to be protected for us. I am against the Cadiz Project taking local water selling it to Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  I support the City of Apple Valley’s plans to purchase Liberty Utilities, its water supplier.  I’m against Nestle extracting water for profit during a drought, endangering plants and wildlife.

I have been married to Susan for 34 years and raised three children.  I have a teaching credential, BA degree in liberal studies and am serving my third term on Rim School District Board of Trustees.

Having grown up in the 33rd Assembly District, I am passionate about making a difference for us.

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Vote for a positive difference, Scott Markovich for Assembly

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