Welcome California residents of the 33rd District to Democratic Candidate

Scott Markovich’s campaign website for 2016!

Scott Markovich, Democratic candidate for State Assembly District 33 for the 2016 general election, will be attending the Assembly general election briefing on June, 21 in Sacramento.

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Desalination is Viable

Desalination is becoming an important topic of conversation, now that Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., has officially declared a drought in California. This is not unusual to announce a State of Emergency in the middle of the rainy season, which starts in October and extends into March. This time of year we usually see plenty of snow in our …

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More EV Charging Stations

Americans love their automobiles! For every 1,000 people, there are a little over 800 cars on the road in the United States. Compared to the United Kingdom, or Germany, who have about 520-550 cars on the road, and China, where there are less than 50. Nothing, however, compares with California, where we often hear that …

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